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We venture to guess that many people are keen to deepen their knowledge of Prague. What do the locals eat? What are they passionate about? What is their culture like? The Eating Prague Food Tour was developed to help you uncover what makes Prague so mysterious and intriguing from the inside… through food! Join us for a 4-hour walking tour that will enlighten you on Prague’s ancient (and recent!) history, the intricacies of its people and culture, and the depth of its wonderful cuisine – not to mention its world-famous beer. Get a unique glimpse into daily life while you meet the locals and go behind the scenes for an experience you won’t soon forget.

We believe there is no better way to get to know and love a city than through its food. After spending time with us, we know you’ll agree. Our entertaining and informative Food Tours take you off the beaten path, let you stroll down hidden side streets and give you access to the most amazing, local foodie delights in this city.

Take a break from being a tourist and experience the real Prague with us.

Experienced and knowledgeable guides lead small groups (max 12) through the center of Prague to taste our city’s local delicacies in places that have been feeding our locals for generations.

Each food tasting stop has been selected not only for the quality of food but also for the history it holds, the passion of its people, and its significance in the local community.

We take you to Prague’s Old and New Town- right in the heart of the city- where you’ll go off the beaten path to undiscovered restaurants that locals cherish but tourists rarely stumble upon.

It’s more than just a food tour. We give your stomachs a break to discover some unforgettable cultural and historical attractions. You’ll also be introduced to Prague’s “unsung food heroes” – the people behind the food. You’ll hear their stories and experience the real Prague.


Prague Food Tour Prague Food Tour

Our 4-hour walking food tour takes you through the center of Prague into undiscovered restaurants, bistros and cafes that locals cherish but tourists rarely stumble upon. You’ll get to enjoy some of Prague’s old world charm in a city full of hidden surprises. All the while, you’ll experience daily life - getting a real sense of Prague’s people, culture and customs. Discover how our local cuisine has changed after the fall of communism and get a behind-the-scenes taste of how our majestic city has emerged from a fascinating recent history.

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  • “Eating Prague Tours includes seven local culinary attractions over the course of four hours while leading guests through the heart of the city.”

  • “This cheery food tour company offers informative tours in the heartland of traditional Roman cooking.”

  • “A food tour that’s off the beaten path.”

  • “Take part in food tastings at local haunts, meet chefs and others from Prague’s culinary community, and visit a local brewery and an old-fashioned butchery.”